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What people are saying:

My wife and I visited the town of Tubac last January 2010, we both were overwhelmed with the volume of art. She dragged me into the Quilt shop against my will, but I guess it was only fair because I made her wait outside the Grumpy Gringo Cigar shop. It didn't dawn on me until I was loading a Quilt, Two Jackets, a Blouse and into the trunk of our car what had just happened tom me. When I made a comment to her about how much she had bought, she pointed out what I had bought and the difference in the total amount. It wasn't the selection of cigars she referred to, it was the quilt I bought.

See for yourself!

The selection of Wearable Art and Quilts was unbelievable!

I couldn't believe how many celebrities shopped at Quilts Ltd!
Love the shop and the staff is super accomodating.

7 Camino Otero, Tubac, AZ  85646
email: Quiltsltd@gmail.com | call: (800) 255-2306